some ios 8 cydia tweaks I have installed and use frequently

I am a hard core Android fan and user. I would never, ever ever get an iPhone. That being said, recently, I purchased an iPad to read books and to learn iOS programming using Objective C. I could not stand the limitations of stock iOS. So jailbroke it within 2 weeks. Then I spent day and night trying out many Cydia tweaks and apps. Hats off to Saurik and the whole iOS developer team, they really showed the power an iOS device. There are tweaks for everything just like there are many powerful root apps for Android. I soon fell in love with jailbroken iOS. The following are some of many Cydia tweaks I have installed.

  1. bytafont 2 – change GUI font. I am very thankful for this app.
  2. disk pie – windirstats for iPad, aka shows storage usage as a pie chart.
  3. ifile – copy, move, etc file system
  4. androidcontrols – android-style navigation bar (home, recents, back buttons).
  5. iapplock – locks apps from getting launched, very finicky, does not work sometimes.
  6. ifFoundA2 – puts a button on the lockscreen with contact details for the iDevice to get returned in case of lose, hopefully falls in good hands.
  7. noAdStoreOpen – self-explanatory
  8. SynergyClient – used to control iPad from PC. Both have to be on the same network. Not remote control but like MouseWithoutBorders.
  9. springtomize – modify the heck out of your home screen
  10. activator – no one sentence can define this, pls google it.
  11. bloard – animations, etc
  12. cchide – Control Center tweak
  13. ccmeters – show RAM usage
  14. cylinder – animations, etc
  15. f.lux – must have, adjusts screen temperature (not brightness) based on current time
  16. hideme8 – hide unwanted controls throughout iOS.
  17. mouse – use a bluetooth mouse with iPad, I used Synergy to control iPad from my PC.
  18. noslowanimations – um…, no slow animations
  19. recordmyscreen – I use a Activator gesture (I use shake iPad) to start a screen recording. pretty useful
  20. slide2kill8 lite – instead of swiping up app by app, swipe one app down and all apps are “killed”
  21. statusmodifier – self-explanatory
  22. veency – even if it was slow, I was excited to remote control my iPad from my PC
  23. vhome – virtual home button, save that precious home button and your finger
  24. videopace – speed up videos, i didn’t get this to work. I am waiting for an update from the developer
  25. videopane – popout videos to watch them while doing something else, or “multitask”
  26. winterboard – use themes, yes, themes on homescreen, settings, everywhere, i mean everywhere. Even rooted Android could not theme some of the screen element. Until CM11 theme engine came along. Its awesome.
  27. youtube essentials
  28. some keyboard enhancements
    1. SwipeSelection – select text just by swiping on the keyboard. just watch a video on youtube. Its mind blowing.
    2. ShowCase – Oh man, I don’t know how people put up with iOS keyboard not showing lower case when its outputting lower case letters (before iOS 8). If you still using default keyboard, this tweak will toggle between upper and lower case buttons on the keyboard to show the user what case they are typing in.