remapping wheel tilt buttons on microsoft bluetooth mouse

Recently, I bought a bluetooth mouse made by Microsoft called the “Microsoft Sculpt Comfort BlueTrack Mouse (H3S-00004)”. It had problems out of the box connecting to my laptop. Updating my bluetooth drivers fixed the issue but I still lags here and there. The major issue I had with it was a issue with the tilt wheel. Almost all Logitech pointing devices map tilt click to “Browser Back/Forward”. Microsoft had done something different with it buttons. It was impossible to map the button with its “Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center”. I tried installing X-Button Control and it could not even detect that click using the wheel. I tried googling and i could not find any solutions for a long time. Then I found a solution using AutoHotKey (very useful tool). I am posting the solution here so that for other people having the same issue will find the solution easily.


  1. Uninstall Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center if you installed it.
  2. Install AutoHotKey
  3. Right-click on explorer on an empty area and create a new AutoHotkey script
  4. Rename it to whatever you want and open it with notepad for editing
  5. Add this to the end and save it.
    WheelRight::Send {Alt Down}{Right}{Alt Up}
    WheelLeft::Send {Alt Down}{Left}{Alt Up}
  6. Run the script by double-clicking the file.

OR you can run the script I made for myself.