useful windows utilities

I use a variety of small applications windows for getting things done. I mostly use portable apps, so that when I reformat my PC, I can just sync that Dropbox folder where all the programs reside. Here, I am going to list those utilities for my reference and for readers who might benefit from them. I don’t own any of the app below, so if you find your app linked down here, please let me know if I should unlink it.

  • Autorun – see all the apps and services starting with (and slowing) Windows.
  • BatteryInfoView
  • Bitmeter – see realtime internet usage and measure monthly usage .
  • Bulk Renaming Utility – rename file names in bulk
  • CamStudio – screen recording.
  • DirHTML – generates table-based index files from a folder branch, aka, index file generator.
  • WinHTTrack – mirrors a web site, not a page, an entire site offline.
  • Process Explorer – “advanced process management utility that picks up where Task Manager leaves off”.
  • Rainmeter
  • Ribbon Disabler – that new ribbon on Win8 and above versions.
  • ShareMouse – between different PCs.
  • TimeLapse – I used this app to create time-lapses from photos created by my Narrative Clip.
  • Unified Remote
  • Windows10 App Manager – uninstalls W10 apps you can’t by default. Google for an updated version.
  • WinSpy – select, view and modify the properties of any window in your system.
  • MouseJiggle – Used it to keep those corporate machines from sleeping.
  • PowerOff – Schedule sleep, hibernate, etc.
  • RemoveEmptyDirs 
  • ResHacker – Used to extract and modify icons, bmps from EXEs and DLLs. It can do a lot of things. It can modify theme files as well.
  • Menere – Unofficial Feedly client for Windows which helped me count how many “Saved For Later”/Starred items I had.
  • VNC Viewer
  • YUMI – for creating bootable USBs.

And a lot more common ones which I am not listing here.

I use to install most of the Must-Have apps. Its a great tool to automate the process.