silly minion skinned windows application

I was in the process of making a weather application for Windows which would sit anywhere in the desktop or on top other application updating the weather. This would be a Win32 app. While I was designing the background for the app (which I intend to make it minimal and probably translucent background), I thought of making something else for fun.

I made a small app that has the Minion as the background and can be moved by dragging the Minion. It does nothing but show a picture of the Minion. It is made to sit “Always on top” of other applications. You would right click to close the app. It would look like this below. I would make it to be able to be resized in the future. Email me if you want the source. Click here to download the silly minion application.



I made the application as generic as it can get. I made it possible to

  • change the picture (custom background/skin picture),
  • make it always stay in front of other windows
  • the transparent color,
  • the visible area (height and width)

* I would be adding the ability to save the custom skin in the future. I just don’t want to avoid File access problems for this version.

Sample skins below:

I will link the source below if anyone want to use it to make any other skinned Windows application in Visual Basic. Comment if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Download Application | Download Source