94 useful chrome extensions I have tried

Today, Chrome almost gave me a heart-attack when it decided to enable most of the disabled extensions. It enabled about 30 of my disabled extensions when I opened Chrome. I can not blame any of my active extensions for this nonsensical act but suspect Chrome itself, because most of my active extensions are from well-known coders and they do not have access to “Manage my extensions” permission. So I decided to uninstall all the extension I had installed but disabled ‘just-in-case’ I needed it sometime in the future.

As a software engineer, it is our duty to try out all (almost all) the new tech tools and report any malicious code to the public. So, in that sense, I have installed many (about 94) extensions and had tried them all. Some of them have gone rogue (Hoverzoom, Hola VPN, etc). and some of them don’t work anymore, but I never uninstalled most of them, just disabled them. I just enable and disable a few of them once in awhile in my everyday work. Its is until today when Chrome decided to do this act, I looked at huge list of extensions. So, I am uninstalling almost all of them to guard my privacy in future.

Before I clean them up, I decided to list them here for my reference in the future. I do NOT necessarily endorse any of them, so try them at your own risk. Most of them have access to all your browsing history and some of them only have access to data on certain domains depending on the functionality. If possible, have a look at the code behind the extension itself. If I am not mistaken, most of their code reside at the following directory unless they reference remote code (eg, JavaScript) from their servers.:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\

Most of these were taken from recommendations from Lifehacker.com. Currently, I have only enabled 5 of them and they are:

  1. Lastpass – awesome password manager.
  2. Imagus – enlarge thumbnails from links with a mouse hover.
  3. Pushbullet – does a lot, google it if you have no idea.
  4. Disconnect – if you hate Facebook Connect on other domains.
  5. Change Font Family Style – if you really hate Arial and Helvetica.

So here is the huge list of Chrome extensions with their default descriptions (at the time of installation) :

  1. -AdBlock 2.48
    The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.
  2. -Adblock Plus 1.10
    Used by over 50 million people, a free ad blocker for Chrome that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.
  3. -Advanced Font Settings 0.67
    Customize per-script font settings.
  4. -Announcify 0.2.2
    Listen to your web
  5. -Antisocial 0.2.4
    Blocks social plugins from loading
  6. -Appspector 0.3.2
    Detect web applications and javascript libraries run on browsing website.
  7. -Authy 1.3
    Authy: Two-Factor Authentication from your PC
  8. -AutoPagerize 0.3.9
    A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages. AutoPagerize use in many web site, and provide efficiently web browsing.
  9. -Batch Image Downloader(ZIG Lite) 2016.1.28
    Lite version of ZIG for batch downloading pictures and files. For advanced use, please install ZIG http://goo.gl/n8SMk
  10. -Blur 5.5.1932
    Protect your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.
  11. -Change Font Family Style 2.6
    Changes the CSS font-family of all text on a webpage to the desired font name.
  12. -Chrome Remote Desktop 47.0.2526.28
    Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet.
  13. -Chrome Speak 1.2.4
    Chrome Speak, select the text and right-click to speak with offline tts engine
  14. -Chrome Visual History 0.0.5
    Visualize and break down your Chrome browsing history by site.
  15. -Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller 1.4.1
    Make scroll behavior smooth, ease-in-out manner, customizable with dynamically plotted curve. With edge bounce feature like iOS.
  16. -CLMapper 2.0.1
    Craigslist posts shown on a map.
  17. -Coupons at Checkout 2.0.2
    During checkout it will remind, show, and automatically enter coupon codes for you with a single click.
  18. -Currently 3.2.2
    Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.
  19. -Data Saver 2.0.1
    Reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.
  20. -DeadMouse 1.10
    Ditch your mouse. Surf the web with just your keyboard.
  21. -Disconnect 5.18.23
    Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.
  22. -Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) 3.10
    Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
  23. -Download Master
    Download all files linked on the web page
  24. -Download to Dropbox 0.1.9
    Conveniently download straight into your Dropbox account
  25. -right click 0.0.9
  26. -Evernote Web Clipper 6.7
    Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.
  27. -Extension Gallery and Web Store Inspector 0.4
    Crack open any extenstion or web app in a gallery and see what it actually does before installing
  28. -Facebook Disconnect 1.6.6
    Stop Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to.
  29. -feedly Mini 34
    The easiest way to add content to your feedly.
  30. -Font Changer with Google Web Fonts™ 3.0.2
    Change the font on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube or any other site. Test Google Web Fonts™.
  31. -force font 3.7.2
    Forced to change the font page
  32. -Gif Delayer 0.1.1
    Gif Delayer delays playing gifs until they are fully downloaded.
  33. -Google Calendar (by Google) 2.5
    Easily check Google Calendar and add new events from websites you visit.
  34. -Google Cast 15.1120.0.2
    Send content to your Chromecast and other devices that support Google Cast.
  35. -Google Chrome to Phone Extension [DEPRECATED] 2.4.1
    Notice: Google Chrome to Phone Extension is no longer supported.
  36. -Google Dictionary (by Google) 4.0.2
    View definitions easily as you browse the web.
  37. -Google Docs 0.9
    Create and edit documents
  38. -Google Docs Offline 1.1
    Get things done offline with the Google Docs family of products.
  39. -Google Hangouts 2015.1204.418.1
    Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji and even group video calls for free.
  40. -Google Play Music 1.305.1
    Google Play Music for Chrome
  41. -Google Sheets 1.1
    Create and edit spreadsheets
  42. -Google Slides 0.9
    Create and edit presentations
  43. -Google Tasks (by Google) 1.2
    Official Chrome Extension for Google Tasks
  44. -Google Voice (by Google) 2.4.4
    Make calls, send SMS, preview Inbox, and get notified of new messages. (US only)
  45. -GoogleGIFs 1.0
    Play Animated GIFs in Google Images results
  46. -High Contrast 0.9.0
    Change or invert the colour scheme to make web pages easier to read.
  47. -Highlightr 1.2.4
    Highlights popular items in your Google Reader feeds.
  48. -Honey 7.3.5
    Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!
  49. -HoverReader 5
    Read an article simply by hovering over a link!
  50. -HTTPS Everywhere 2015.12.16
    Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.
  51. -Imagus
    Enlarge thumbnails, and show images/videos from links with a mouse hover.
  52. -Instructables All Steps 2.0
    Automatically shows all steps in Instructables.
  53. -InvisibleHand 3.9.58
    Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying
  54. -IO BookBar – Icon Only Bookmarks Bar 1.0.0
    One click solution to shrink all links in the bookmarks-bar automatically into icons only.
  55. -LastPass: Free Password Manager 4.0.7
    LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
  56. -Lazarus: Form Recovery 3.0.6
    Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.
  57. -Link Previews 2.7
    This allows you to see quick preview of the hyperlink in the small frame. Save your time while browsing the internet.
  58. -Linkclump 2.7.3
    Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
  59. -MailTrack for Gmail 1.30.0
    MailTrack, the double-check (✓✓) in your Gmail.
  60. -Marauders Map 0.0.2
    Creepily track your friends from FB messages
  61. -MightyText – SMS from PC & Text from Computer 17.1
    SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status
  62. -Momentum 0.70.0
    Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration.
  63. -Motorola Connect 4.2
    This Chrome Extension has been retired. Please remove by clicking the trash can icon.
  64. -My IP address 1.26
    Find your IP address! See ISP, location, and DNS. Get IP address change alert and see your history.
  65. -New Tab to Tasks 6
    A simple extension that makes your New Tab Page be your Google Tasks.
  66. -Page Eraser 2.2.1
    Easily erase unwanted elements from web pages.
  67. -PhotoLive – Download Facebook Photos! 3.0.1
    PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.
  68. -Pocket Count 0.2
    Displays a count of unread Pocket items.
  69. -Pop Out in a Flash 1.1
    Pop out embedded objects (like flash) into their own window so they can be resized and repositioned.
  70. -Popout for YouTube™ 5.0.10
    Add a button to YouTube™ to pop the video out into a new resizable window.
  71. -Pushbullet 320
    Bringing together your devices, friends, and the things you care about.
  72. -refDot 0.46
    Making citation easy. Cite and store books or journal references. Add books automatically from amazon book pages.
  73. -Save to Pocket 1.9.22
    Pocket Extension for Chrome – The best way to save articles, videos and more
  74. -search-preview 3.3.1
    Add to search engines result pages preview like Google™ Instant Previews
  75. -Send to Kindle (by Klip.me) 3.2.5
    Push web articles to your Kindle
  76. -Send to Kindle for Google Chrome
    Sending and reading web content such as news articles and blog posts to your Kindle device or reading app is now easier than ever.
  77. -Share Extensions 0.1.1
    Export your favorite Google Chrome™ extensions as BBCode, HTML, Wiki or text list for your Blog. Share the extensions via Twitter, Google Buzz™, Google Mail™ or add them to Google Bookmarks™ lists. Also you can directly /disable your extensions.
  78. -SmartVideo For YouTube™ 0.9931
    YouTube Optimizer/Enhance. Provides ‘Smart Buffer’ for slow connections; auto loop; buffer preferences; quality selection; and more
  79. -Sortly (a Feedly extension) 0.93
    The ultimate feedly experience: sort by popularity
  80. -Spreed – speed read the web
    Train yourself to double or triple your reading speed, without sacrificing comprehension. Absorb knowledge, faster.
  81. -Stylebot 2.2
    Change the appearance of websites instantly. Preview and install styles created by other users on stylebot.me
  82. -Stylish 1.4.0
    Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for many popular sites.
  83. -SuperSorter 0.4.4
    Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks recursively, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.
  84. -Text This To Me 1.5.1
    This extension sends content from your browser to your phone via text message
  85. -Unlimited Free VPN – Hola 1.11.600
    Access websites blocked in your country, company or school with Hola! Hola is free and easy to use!
  86. -Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer 1.2.3
    Provides a right-click menu item for direct links, bypassing Facebook’s “social readers”
  87. -uSelect iDownload 1.9
    Open or download several links at once with a simple selection.
  88. -Video Links in a New Media Player Window 2.2.1
    Popup Youtube, IMDB, Vimeo and Twitvid links in new window with just a video player.
  89. -Videostream for Google Chromecast™
    Play your downloaded videos on the Chromecast™ (any file type)
  90. -WikiMapper 1.0.1
    WikiMapper – Track and graph your adventures down the Wikipedia rabbit hole.
  91. -WikiPreview 0.3
    Quickly preview the content of any Wikipedia article by hovering over a link to it.
  92. -WOT: Web of Trust, Website Reputation Ratings 3.0.0
    Check out any website for reputation and safety information based on users’ experience. The official Web of Trust Chrome Extension.
  93. -Xmarks Bookmark Sync 1.0.32
    Backup and sync your bookmarks and open tabs across computers and browsers. Xmarks is also available for Firefox, Safari and IE.
  94. -YSlow 3.1.2
    Make your pages faster with Yahoo!’s page performance tool