so, I made the top 5% of readers on Pocket in 2015.

I got an email today saying,

Wow Sivasuthan, we’re impressed!

We’re thrilled to let you know that you’re one of the top 5% of readers in Pocket for 2015!

I immediately thought they probably sent this to all their users. Then I looked at my stats. They are right, I read a lot last year. I have read 750,119 words in 2015. That’s like 16 books, they say. 2015 was a year I cleaned all my pocket reading list. I have only 21 articles in there right now. So it makes sense I had read a lot. I did this over summer.

Of course, it is a nice marketing strategy. Give them an award over email, and most of them are prone to brag it in Twitter or Facebook, which reaches all their friends and followers. Now, their friends will be like, “I need to make it to the 2016 top 5%, how do I do that?”, and they end up using Pocket. Job well done Pocket, you know how to work with people’s pride and ego. But hey, its free and does a great job. I love Pocket!

I would recommend anyone to use Pocket since it enables you to save any article for later reading. And I like their Android app which enables offline reading making it possible for me to on the subway. It also integrates with Feedly, a news aggregator I switched to when Google killed Google Reader. Actually, Feedly integrated Pocket, so ‘Thank you Feedly’. But Pocket made the API available, so ‘Thank you Pocket’.

2 thoughts on “so, I made the top 5% of readers on Pocket in 2015.”

  1. What’s your system like? Do you tag religiously? Do you archive read articles in Pocket? Do you use web view or article view or open link in browser? Do you use Pocket app several times a day?

    1. Thanks for the reply. I use Android app to read and sometimes print the articles. Never used tags. Always Article View.

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