my minimalistic room

My love for making panoramas has no limit. If I can make a panorama out of a mundane thing, I would do it. Thanks to all the innovation in photo stitching technology, it has become very easy to make some panorama. When Microsoft publicized Photosynth, I was hooked. I made photosynths out of many sceneries. One out of a scene from a game called Firewatch.

This time, I made a panorama and a photosynth of my minimalistic room. It’s just a matter of taking the right photos with consistent exposure and ISO, and then clicking a bunch of buttons.

Don’t judge me by the look of my empty room. All the creative and inspiring “stuff” are on the computer. Web and my desktop are where I live, creating useful and sometimes silly softwares, editing photos, cutting videos, blogging, reading, watching, listening, playing games and many more trivial things. Over time I have managed to digitize all those could be turned to 0s and 1s. Instead of buying new things I don’t need and helping those already-giant companies eat more of my money, I content myself to live with the bare minimum.

Is my life boring then, you ask? Not at all. I find things to do “on the computer”. Create Stuff, useful stuff and contribute to society in some way, big or small.

I would go on ranting like this for pages if you let me. I forgot what I started write about. Anyways, this is my room.