remix os: android x86

Recently, a company called Jide released couple of Android-running devices with multi-window support. Along with that, they also released their modified OS as a ISO so that we can install it on our PCs along with Windows or Linux. So, I decided to give it a try and see how this is different from an emulator like Bluestack or Genymotion.

How is this different from other Android emulators?

As far as I know, they have modified it so that it:

  • runs without a host OS like Windows,
  • so enhanced performance,
  • resizable multi-window support,
  • rootable, duh
  • OTA updates,
  • and many more pros

My experience:

android on x86 machine
Trying to show the real estate you get

Since I have a discrete graphics card, I had to modify some system files to get it running, or else I had to use onboard graphics to make it boot.

The OS very responsive and fast since it does not a have another layer of OS to run on top of. Even though the the UI was fast, the screen was stuttering when I tried to run some games like Traffic Racer. It might be an issue with Android on my graphics card (nVidia, which never played well with Linux). I can try onboard graphics but it defeats the purpose altogether.

Another thing, you have to install Google Play yourself. Jide has promised to work things out with Google and install it by default. Also, you need to root it yourself.


It is nice to see devs trying to get Android play with the big the players, but the support for hardware is limited. This is not ready for commercial use but Jide’s own devices seem promising. It is nice of them to release the ISO for devs to try.