fix rebooting issue on cyanogenmod 13 phone dialer

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade my Moto X (1st gen ๐Ÿ™ ) to CM13 from 12. I couldn’t wait to try Google Now Tap and save battery with Doze, and also try the experimental multi-window hack. So, I installed the ROM and did all the initial restoration of apps and data using Titanium. Everything was awesome except when I tried to make a call, at which point, my phone rebooted suddenly.

Before I dig into the logs, I triedย to clearing the cache data for Dialer, used another Dialer app, reformated and reinstalled the ROM. With no luck, I searched XDA and other forums to see if anyone else had a problems but I could not find a fix.

Finally, I figured the permission control implemented in MM might be the culprit. Well, what do you know, turns out you have to set Dialer as the default Phone app before making a call. I don’t whose fault this is: is it mine for not knowing this beforehand, or is it the dev’s for not setting the default Phone app, is it Google dev’s fault for not setting their own app as the default for everything (Google devs should learn that from Microsoft).

Anyways, I wanted to write about the fix because I could not find the solution online, not even on the ROM thread.