fix rebooting issue on cyanogenmod 13 phone dialer

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade my Moto X (1st gen ūüôĀ ) to CM13 from 12. I couldn’t wait to try Google Now Tap and save battery with Doze, and also try the experimental multi-window hack. So, I installed the ROM and did all the initial restoration of apps and data using Titanium. Everything was awesome except when I tried to make a call, at which point, my phone rebooted suddenly.

Before I dig into the logs, I tried to clearing the cache data for Dialer, used another Dialer app, reformated and reinstalled the ROM. With no luck, I searched XDA and other forums to see if anyone else had a problems but I could not find a fix.

Finally, I figured the permission control implemented in MM might be the culprit. Well, what do you know, turns out you have to set Dialer as the default Phone app before making a call. I don’t whose fault this is: is it mine for not knowing this beforehand, or is it the dev’s for not setting the default Phone app, is it Google dev’s fault for not setting their own app as the default for everything (Google devs should learn that from Microsoft).

Anyways, I wanted to write about the fix because I could not find the solution online, not even on the ROM thread.

my youtube subscriptions

As all the other posts, this is another post documenting my self. This post is backup of youtube channels I have subscribed to over time. I don’t keep up with them all the time but some of them are very important and educational. We can learn a lot from some of the channels and some of them keep us entertained.

If there are some channels that I would recommend to anyone, then they are the ones immediately below:

The following are all the¬†rest: Continue reading “my youtube subscriptions”

an awesome pc game called firewatch

Its not very often I eagerly await a release of a new game but this game was different. As soon as I saw the trailer, I was hooked. I searched for and watched all the teaser and demo gameplay out there. Finally, it was released Feb 9 on PC and PS4.

It is a walking simulator of some sort with a exploration genre to it. I have never played any thriller games but this game was good. The voices, graphics, gameplay, all well done.

I enjoyed the ~5 hours of the gameplay so much I made a photosynth out of the main character’s room-Henry.

Made a panorama of one the scenes:

a scenery from Firewatch made by Sivasuthan Dhayalan
a scenery from Firewatch made by Sivasuthan Dhayalan

Took some screenshots:


minimalist way of living

About a few years ago, I stumbled onto a student’s blog called¬†and I absolutely fell in love with her articles. I soon began to adapt my way of living to something similiar to what she was doing with hers. Its called minimalism.

The more articles I read about minimalism, the more I could relate to my life. I was living the life of a minimalist for a long time but never knew what it was called. Then I found a few more sites preaching the same kind of life. I read all of them. I soon learnt I could do all of the things they talk about but certainly could tweeze out anything that works for us.

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.‚ÄĚ

I got rid of many things that did not help my life in any way. After several months, I would go back and read some articles just to look back on my track and change some of my habits.

You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.
-Vernon Howard

It certainly is a fulfilling state to not consume what you don’t need to. I love the fact that I live my life making a very small impact on nature. I have stopped buying technology as soon as they came out just because it would make my life a little easier. I donated some of the clothes I never wore and threw away some of the stuff which I barely used. It’s a great feeling when I do so. I put off buying new stuff for weeks just to see if I still needed that stuff.

Now that I am so addicted to getting rid of unwanted stuff, I constantly look for stuff to get rid of or try to minimize stuff coming into the house. I would recommend anyone to try reading some of the articles form that site or any similar blog and try out that kind of living. That lifestyle not only declutters your space but frees your mind of unwanted ‘stuff’.

Live simply so that others may simply live.
HH Dalai Lama

so, I made the top 5% of readers on Pocket in 2015.

I got an email today saying,

Wow Sivasuthan, we’re impressed!

We’re thrilled to let you know that you’re one of the top 5% of readers in Pocket for 2015!

I immediately thought they probably sent this to all their users. Then I looked at my¬†stats. They are right, I read a lot last year. I have read 750,119 words in 2015. That’s like 16 books, they say. 2015 was a year I cleaned all my pocket reading list. I have only 21 articles in there right now. So it makes sense I had read a lot. I did this over summer.

Of course, it is a nice marketing strategy. Give them an award over email, and most of them are¬†prone to brag it in Twitter or Facebook, which reaches all their friends and followers.¬†Now, their friends will be like, “I need to make it to the 2016 top 5%, how do I do that?”, and they end up using Pocket. Job well done¬†Pocket, you know how to work with people’s pride¬†and ego. But hey, its free and does a great job. I love Pocket!

I would recommend anyone to use Pocket since it enables you to save any article for later reading. And I like their Android app which enables offline reading making it possible for me to on the subway. It also integrates with Feedly, a news aggregator I switched to when Google killed Google Reader. Actually, Feedly integrated Pocket, so ‘Thank you Feedly’. But Pocket made the API available, so ‘Thank you Pocket’.

silly minion skinned windows application

I was in the process of making a weather application for Windows which would sit anywhere in the desktop or on top other application updating the weather. This would be a Win32 app. While I was designing the background for the app (which I intend to make it minimal and probably translucent background), I thought of making something else for fun.

I made a small app that has the Minion as the background and can be moved by dragging the Minion. It does nothing but show a picture of the Minion. It is made to sit “Always on top” of other applications. You would right click to close the app. It would look like this below. I would make it to be able to be resized in the future. Email me if you want the source. Click here¬†to download the silly minion application.



I made the application as generic as it can get. I made it possible to

  • change the picture (custom background/skin picture),
  • make it always stay in front of other windows
  • the transparent color,
  • the visible area (height and width)

* I would be adding the ability to save the custom skin in the future. I just don’t want to avoid File access problems for this version.

Sample skins below:

I will link the source below if anyone want to use it to make any other skinned Windows application in Visual Basic. Comment if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Download Application | Download Source

useful windows utilities

I use a variety of small applications windows for getting things done. I mostly use portable apps, so that when I reformat my PC, I can just sync that Dropbox folder where all the programs reside. Here, I am going to list those utilities for my reference and for readers who might benefit from them. I don’t own any of the app below, so if you find your app linked down here, please let me know if I should unlink it.