my projects

Android Applications:

  • Simple Sketch – I got tired of feature-rich and slow note-taking apps that require whole bunch of permissions to run. So, I made my own simple app to draw and save hand-drawn notes. The only permission it requires is the access to Storage to save the created note. Not even a permission to connect to Internet is required, and it loads super fast.


Chrome Extensions:

  • Chrome Sound Effects – Add sounds to events triggered by user in Chrome, like switching tabs, etc. They can be manually disabled.
  • Change all UI fonts – Changes all the font-faces on all the web sites to a user given local font. Enter your desired font in the options by clicking the extension icon.


Simple Windows/Web Applications:

  • Weather app – Made this on a Google Developer workshop called Progressive Web Apps. I used Service workers to do the updates and show cache data while offline.
  • Google Search Widget – Type text and hit enter to search that text.
  • Oscar Winner Finder – Used PHP and MySQL to implement a simple search function to retrieve the title, year and Rotten Tomatoes score of the Academic Award-winning feature films.



  • Facebook – Used image map to create the working links.


School Projects:

  • lifelens – A simple photo curation web service. What is special about this service is that it’s designed to present user photos in a Timeline view. The algorithm extracts EXIF data from the uploaded photos and creates the Timeline by itself without user interaction. Just view one example.
  • chatter – A Twitter-like public chat engine, very simple implementation using Perl and php. mirror
  • a silly lab
  • animatron lab


Preserving Golden Treasures:

  • Thirukural (திருக்குறள்) – Thiruvalluvar wrote this classic Tamil sangam literature, consisting of 1330 couplets or Kurals, sometime between the third and first centuries BCE. I came across this compilation some time ago and made a copy/backup for myself. Thanks to all those who help compile this timeless piece of writing.



  • Aathichoodi (ஆத்திச்சூடி) – is a collection of single-line quotations written by Avvaiyar and organized in alphabetical order.


Commercially-used designs:

These are some of the designs created by me for India’s giant food chain Saravanaa Bhavan.



  • my old homepage – created when I could not afford a web host.
  • some old visual basic applications – I remember coding from morning to night, when I did not have an internet connection (in Sri Lanka), looking at textbooks, trying all the snippets of code. I had to wait till next week to go to Internet Cafe and lookup something I needed to know, which I had typed out in a txt file, which had other links from pages I had saved as html files.
  • myapps.swf – a demo for my old visual basic applications
  • startmenu.swf – a flash designed windows desktop mockup.sivasuthan dhayalan start menu mockup
  • screensaver.scr – a simple screensaver I made.
  • my-visualbasic-apps-demo.exe
  • another apps demosivasuthan dhayalan old visual basic applications demo
  • my-website.exe – a simple web browser interface where you can browse my old site.

sivasuthan dhayalan web site browser

  • bsod.exe – a simple vb app which emulates a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It just shows a screen capture (image) of a BSOD, which can be used to prank someone.
  • FlashPlayer.exe – a simple Flash player. Its a modified version of the original player. It is a standalone executable. Just drag and drop an SWF file and it will render the file.

Stuff I ripped/modified from other sites:


UNDER CONSTRUCTION – more on the way

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