old stuff

Over the years, as most of the other computer enthusiasts, I hacked stuff. Hacked in the sense of breaking into stuff, discovering how they were made, how they work and make them do things they were never intended to do. May that be software applications, web services, java applets, flash animations or anything else fascinating, I tried to see what was going on. On the process, I end up with so many resource files (images, audio, flv, swf, etc) and many small code snippets. Most of them are now obsolete and not widely used. But I still have most of my stuff burned on old CDs. I don’t know why I would put them in CDs but I did. While I was cleaning out the collection of CDs, I decided to throw them and keep some of the ‘stuff’ (raw files). I may never use them in the future but some beginners might find them useful. So I am going to just put stuff here that don’t belong anywhere else.


  • my old homepage – created when I could not afford a web host.
  • some old visual basic applications – I remember coding from morning to night, when I did not have an internet connection (in Sri Lanka), looking at textbooks, trying all the snippets of code. I had to wait till next week to go to Internet Cafe and lookup something I needed to know, which I had typed out in a txt file, which had other links from pages I had saved as html files.
  • myapps.swf – a demo for my old visual basic applications
  • startmenu.swf – a flash designed windows desktop mockup.sivasuthan dhayalan start menu mockup
  • screensaver.scr – a simple screensaver I made.
  • my-visualbasic-apps-demo.exe
  • another apps demosivasuthan dhayalan old visual basic applications demo
  • my-website.exe – a simple web browser interface where you can browse my old site.

sivasuthan dhayalan web site browser

  • bsod.exe – a simple vb app which emulates a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It just shows a screen capture (image) of a BSOD, which can be used to prank someone.
  • FlashPlayer.exe – a simple Flash player. Its a modified version of the original player. It is a standalone executable. Just drag and drop an SWF file and it will render the file.

Stuff I ripped/modified from other sites: